Red Amarone

Between the Lagoon, the Po Valley and the Valpollicella hills.

120 min

Flight time

2.100 €

Starting from (per tour max 7 pax)

Amarone and Recioto

Amarone wine is a dry red wine DOGC (guaranteed and controlled designation of origin), which is only produced here: in the Valpolicella. Amarone derives its own name from the adjective “bitter” (“amaro” in Italian) that distinguishes it in flavor from its sweeter brother, the Recioto.

Amarone has a very recent and almost “random” origin. It is said that the Amarone was born from a forgotten barrel of Recioto, in which the natural yeasts present in the wine continued to ferment and subsequently transformed all the sugar into alcohol, making the sweet Recioto into a dry wine.

The experience has an approximate duration of about 4 hours.

Red Amarone

Details of the HeliGourmet experience

9:30 Take off from the Lido, panoramic flight over the Lagoon and transfer to the winery

10:45 Arrival at the winery

11.00 – 12.30 Visit to the winery and tasting

13:00 Take-off for return

13:45 Arrival in Lido

* The program is indicative. Our tours are designed and confirmed according to the customer's requests and needs.

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The service will be carried out on the basis of weather conditions .

A flight and an experience among enchanting landscapes

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