One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

The special FlyVenice's proposals

What is it about?

FlyVenice's HeliGourmet tours are unique and unforgettable experiences, which combine a helicopter flight with lunches or tastings in exclusive locations: starred restaurants, mountain huts, wineries and noble estates.

There are 5 proposals to choose from: Venissa, Prosecco Tour, Red Amarone, Dolomiti Eagles and Truffle Hunting.

Fly Venice_Burano

Venice and starred restaurant


The thrill of a flight over the Lagoon, the poetry of a walk through the "calli" of Burano and the explosion of taste with a lunch at the starred Venissa restaurant.

From the lagoon to the hills

Prosecco Tour

Take off in the heart of the Venice Lagoon and taste one of the most renowned Venetian excellences in the world: Prosecco.

From Venice to the Valpolicella

Red Amarone

The uniqueness of the Venice Lagoon, the peculiarities of the Po Valley, the splendor of the Valpollicella and the flavor of Amarone. All in one unforgettable HeliGourmet experience.

UNESCO Natural Heritage

Dolomiti Eagles

Fly from one Unesco heritage to another, choosing from different experiences based on the season and your desires: from Venice to the Dolomites.

The splendor of Tuscany

Truffle Hunting

Exclusive. This is the best term for the journey between emotions and flavors, between Veneto and Tuscany, between helicopter and truffle.

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