Cessna 525 M2

Latest generation twin-engine jet business jet.


Two Williams FJ44 turbofan engines


Williams International

Business jet

The Cessna 525 M2 is a latest generation twin-engine jet business with advanced GARMIN 3000 avionics. The elegantly designed interiors are designed to offer maximum comfort.

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For travel throughout Europe

With a comfortable capacity of 5 passengers (up to a maximum of 5+1 for fast flights) and a range of approximately 2400 km, this highly technological model allows rapid travel between cities throughout Europe and neighboring ones, in complete safety and in any weather condition.


The Cessna 525 M2 can carry 5 passengers comfortably, and for short trips up to 6 people. You can upload up to 300 kg of luggage. The cabin is also equipped with a toilet.


The length is 12,98 m and the height is 4,19 m with wingspan of 14,3 m. The cabin measures 1.6 x 1.67 x 4.11 meters.

Engine and operation

The maximum cruising speed is 720 km/h, with a range of 2408 km. The maximum operating altitude is 12497 metri.